About Zhou Renjian

Hi, I am Zhou Renjian, coming from China. I am going to share my oriental views about Internet with you.

I had studied Mathematics in Shanghai Jiao Tong University. And I worked in IT-related companies for three years, concerning about digital signatures, middle-ware platform, mobile operating system and others. I have an open source project named Java2Script at Sourceforge.net. And I am trying to write a book about this Java2Script project called “Inside Java2Script” these days.

Even though I am a technical guy, I won’t talk about technology details here. I will just share my views about Internet. I will tell you why Internet is important, why we must own our position in the Internet, how to live with Internet, and others.

I believe that Internet is thinking and Internet is the next generation of intelligence. I hope that you may have common senses with or will have common senses with me after reading my posts and discussing with me.

Internet is thinking

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